A Continual Innovation

In a commitment to adopt the latest technological innovations, we are happy to announce that the Evo Technologies Oklahoma branch has fully migrated its telephony services to a completely VoIP solution.

Integration of Voice and Data

The integration of voice and data traffic will be demanded by multi application software. The inevitable evolution will be web servers capable of interacting with voice, data, and images.


An integrated infrastructure that supports all forms of communication allows more standardization and lesser equipment management. The result is a fault tolerant design.

Network Efficiency

The integration of voice and data effectively fills up the data communications channels efficiently thus providing bandwidth consolidation. The idea is to move away from the TDM scheme wherein the user is given bandwidth when his is not talking. Data networks do not do this. It is a big saving when one considers the statistics that 50% of a conversation is silence. Removing the redundancy in certain speech patterns can further boost the network efficiency.

Remote access to the office from your home

One's home could be converted to a home office and gain access to the company's voice, data and fax services using the company's Internet.

IP based Call Centers

With the advent of the Internet, companies have experienced large increase in their web site inquiries. These may not result in immediate financial transaction but at least people get to know about their products. This is the beginning of E-commerce. With IPT there can be interaction with the customers.

Fax over IP

Real time facsimile transmission is an immediate application of Voice over IP. Facsimile services which use dial-up PSTN services are affected by high cost for long distance, analog signal quality and machine compatibility. Instead a fax interface unit can convert the data to packet form, handle the conversion of signaling and controlling protocols and ensure complete delivery of the data in correct order.


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