What is "VIVA LE EVO"?

Like every other successful company Evo Technologies started as an idea. The idea behind Evo Technologies was to combine the simple principles of better product, better service and better price. Our goal from day one has been to offer the most technologically advanced products, provide a level of service that sets an industry standard and offer pricing that makes our products more cost effective to implement than any competitor could even hope to offer. Along with our "Better Product, Better Service, Better Price" philosophy we agreed that if we didn't continually evolve as an organization we would eventually end up like so many other companies that have come and gone.

Having great ideas and lofty goals don't make a company successful. Its hard work, commitment and sticktoitivness that make a company successful. And it's the trials and tribulations that were overcome in the building of our business that we are the most proud of. And because we are proud of the obstacles that we have overcome and for sticking to it for as long as it took to achieve our goals and for not letting anyone stand in our way, we have made our mantra VIVA LE EVO!

And that's why from time to time you might see "VIVA LE EVO!" in our literature, on the t-shirts of the little league teams that we sponsor and on our clients' desktops.

About Evo Technologies

Evo Technologies makes web based console solutions for call centers, answering services, business centers, executive suites, retail, and lawfirms.

Our applications are compatible with all major phone systems including Cisco, Mitel, Intertel, Shoretel, Asterisk, and Broadsoft.

Our web based business center products include online meeting room scheduling and resource management as well as client portal access, white labeling, a full featured support ticket system, and more.

Our Clients and Friends