To Generate Revenue:

Evo Technologies can help your business center generate recurring monthly revenue by equipping your business center with features such as Remote Notification, Patch Tracking, Event Scheduler, Scheduling, Tickets and Service Tracker and our enhanced reporting tools. Allowing your clients to take advantage of our built-in revenue generating features will increase the level of service you are able to offer while also creating a recurring revenue stream that turns your PC Console software into a monthly profit center.

To Increase Productivity:

Using Web and .NET framework technology to design our user interface allows Evo Technologies to provide users with a customizable application that overcomes the limitations found in standard reception solutions. Evo Technologies is able to provide more client information in an easy to view format that offers advanced functionality and requires less training time and ultimately results in higher levels of customer service.

To Increase Flexibility:

Modular design, industry standard protocols and multi-platform integration tools allows Evo Technologies to offer a "plug and play" solution that supports every major PBX and VoIP platform in use by the business center industry. Seamless migration between phone systems is as simple as a configuration setting and does not require our clients to retrain users or repurchase software. A key benefit of multi-system flexibility is the ability to standardize reception software for multiple locations regardless of existing systems; this allows for the rotation of staff members between local centers without them having to learn how to use multiple phone systems.

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About Evo Technologies

Evo Technologies makes web based console solutions for call centers, answering services, business centers, executive suites, retail, and lawfirms.

Our applications are compatible with all major phone systems including Cisco, Mitel, Intertel, Shoretel, Asterisk, and Broadsoft.

Our web based business center products include online meeting room scheduling and resource management as well as client portal access, white labeling, a full featured support ticket system, and more.

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