Who We Are

Evo Technologies' goal is to provide superior software applications and cost effective pricing within the telecommunications and general business industries.

Our eagerness to embrace new technology and customize applications to our clients' needs sets us apart from competitors that focus on yesterday's technology rather than tomorrow's.

Why Evo?

Our ability to provide custom applications for multiple markets give us the benefit of an ever growing portfolio of products that currently includes various computer telephony solutions, POS applications and data management software.

Our flexibility and willingness to diversify combined with our commitment to superior customer service gives Evo Technologies a competitive edge that is crucial in today's market.

Our Philosophy

Evo Technologies is dedicated to providing leading edge customer driven applications for a variety of industries in today's fast paced business environment.

Every Evo Technologies product was developed hand-in-hand with clients much like yourself. We take our clients' ideas and translate them into software that is productive and easy to use.

Our commitment to modular design and open database connectivity enables Evo Technologies to rapidly develop custom software or modify existing platforms to meet our customers ever changing needs. Our ability to seamlessly integrate our portfolio of applications with your organization's existing databases and directories will enable your staff to provide the fast and accurate service that your clients expect.


The Evo Technologies team members have ample experience implementing solutions for multiple vertical markets worldwide including shared tenant, legal, hospitality, healthcare, retail and point of sale. We are always happy to work with our clients who have special language needs and will convert our applications for use in just about any part of the world.

The Bottom Line

Flexibility, cost effective pricing and superior service makes Evo Technologies the right choice for your company's diverse software needs.


Our Clients and Friends